Be inspired at this time of shut-in and during this season of COVID19 (and I say “this season” because this, too, shall pass). For now, however, we need to call upon the spiritual practices that we know to assist us in our current reality, using these skills to uplift and revitalize our hearts and minds.

My hope is that we will make the choice together to change our thinking from “I am stuck at home” to “I am safe at home.” That we will remember to replace a hug or handshake with calls, FaceTime, texts, emails, and all forms of social media to remain connected. Even I have had to relent and join the Facebook world to stay connected with those I love and to the churches that I love and serve after years without any social media presence.

Let’s know together our own greatness and we will move daily with the energy and vibration of love instead of fear. This time of being furloughed has given me time to unclutter rooms and clean out old boxes from our move six years ago. This was probably stress cleaning, but I am taking pleasure in having additional time for spiritual practice and activities I enjoy like adult coloring and pleasure reading.

I know this time to be a Goddess time out. A time to think about what we’ve done to each other and our planet. The Great Mother is lovingly sending us to our rooms and telling us to think about a better way of being, reminding us of the need to practice AtOneMent with Spirit.

May we all hear her call and respond in kindness.