Spring is just a few weeks away, so it is time to open the windows and let the stale air out. Why not add some magick to your spring cleaning?

Spring is a good time to replace your brooms. Traditionally, we have three brooms for this: top, bottom, and out. Use the top broom to sweep the ceiling (remember to work in a deosil, or sunwise, motion) to remove all negativity. Next, move to the floor with the bottom broom to sweep all dirt and negative energy out the door. Finally, finish with the out broom by sweeping any porches.

You can also make a magickal floor wash of vinegar, hot water, and essential oils. Don’t forget the windows! Use essential oil to place a protective ward on windows and doors to keep unwanted intruders out. You can also hang charms and crystals in windows for protection, prosperity, or luck.

We all have to clean, so we might as well make it fun!