As we come out of Yule and head into the New Year, I am thinking about the darkness. I know a lot of people who only think about the joyful celebrations of the season.  I was recently reminded that it is still the dark time of the year and the veil is still thin. Since Yule, the days are getting longer and the nights shorter. Even though the Sun is slowly returning, we remain surrounded by the darkness. We should look at the dark places within ourselves to make the necessary changes. Just like the seed that is placed in the dark Earth,  we must also journey within to make changes. If the seed is not put into the dark soil but left in the sun, It will never change into what it could become and die. The darkness is necessary.  Our inner darkness is where most of our answers to life can be found, Why do we always look outside for things that are already inside us. Now we must not be afraid of the darkness, respectful but not fearful.

I feel if we are too fearful we can become trapped which can lead to many other issues like depression and withdrawal.  If we enter the darkness expecting to learn things, even ones we may not like about ourselves, then we can make the necessary changes or come to accept those things that we can’t change. Always remembering that we are still human and there will be faults, not only with ourselves but also others. If you think about it though we are usually more forgiving of others’ faults but not ourselves.  We all have to spend some time in the darkness which makes the light so much brighter. Remember we need the dark because without it there is no light. Both are necessary. So journey well as we follow the wheel of the year from dark to light to dark to light again. Remembering it is not the destination that is important, but the journey.