Sometimes an everyday task can be more magickal than the ones we spend so much time working in circle. I know a few different witches that use everyday tasks (from ironing to washing close) as part of their meditation. Some of the tools that I use in my craft is penmanship and sewing. The art of crafting is something that helps me to focus my intent and will. Depending on what I am making you might not know that I am doing a working.  Some might say that you can tell tools that I use and to some degree they are right. The tools I use for magickal focus are set apart from my daily use tools, but it might not be as oblivious as you may think.  The calligraphy pens I use and the sewing machine are my normal daily tools. The secret is in what I charge when I use the tools. In the case of the pen, it may be the nib and the ink or with the sewing machine, it is the needle and the energy bowned in the bobbin and thread. Just like other tools the ones I use they feel comfortable to me and have come to me as I needed them. When looking for tools it is often hard to find what you need. Let them speak to you and you will find it much easier to find the right tool at the right time.  Remember that you should pick tools based on the porous you have in mind for the finished craft. For example, you may want to use cotton for protection work, but remember that it is a natural energy absorber and will pick up what it is exposed to, so you may want to line it with silk to hold the energy you set and reflect other energies. If you don’t want to mix elements or sources then you may want to add symbols to your work.  Just remember that as you work your tools and materials are picking up on your will and intent, you are sharing part of yourself with the working. Not all workings have to look magickal or have to have your alter lit and candles and insets burning.