Yule has come and gone and each day looks a little brighter. Now is the time to reflect on and rejoice in the return of the sun. During this time of the year, we hang prisms in our home to welcome back the light into our lives. The tiny rainbows that the newly born sun’s light casts fill our home with warmth and joy, and as the sun’s power increases so, too, does the amount of colorful magick in our home.

Red symbolizes the passion to fuel our will.

Orange leaves its gifts of courage and concentration for all the wonders that will soon be here.

Yellow brings us vision and the wisdom to seek the light even as we care for the light for others.

Green imbues our home with the energy of new growth and provides strength and fortitude for days to come.

Blue signifies emotion and pure magick and encourages us to feel and reflect.

Indigo fills our home with imagination, intuition, and understanding.

Violet aids our psychic health and well-being.

Together these rainbow colors help us to remember that even the smallest amount of light can banish any darkness we face. How does your family welcome the return of the light?